With the main objective of supplying nutritious milk to the under-privileged through the Women and Child Welfare Department, the erstwhile Miltone Project was started during the year 1973 under assistance from Government of Karnataka. Out of 80,000 beneficiaries, mainly children, more than 70% belonged to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe. The production of Groundnut protein enriched Miltone, which was started in year 1973, was discontinued and Sterilised Flavoured Milk was introduced in its place during the year 1992.

The Miltone Project was renamed as "Nandini Milk Products" in the year 1995 with specialized production of sweet-based milk products, Sterilized Flavoured Milk, Paneer, Khova etc.

Mysore Pak, Premium Cashew Burfi, Premium Badam Burfi are very popular with the consumers who are highly appreciative of these quality milk products at a reasonable cost.

Nandini Badam Powder, introduced during January 2000, is being exported to Singapore in 200 gm packs. Badam Powder in 10 gms pouches was also introduced during September 2002.


Sterilized Flavoured Milk in 5 flavours (Pista, Badam, Pineapple, Mango, Chocolate), Paneer, Khova, Peda, Mysore Pak, Premium Badam Burfi, Premium Cashew Burfi, Jamoon Mix, ready-to-eat Gulab Jamoon, Rasagulla, Badam Powder, Nandini Bite & Basen Ladu.